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Bright Eyes - Firewall chords

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			    FIREWALL - Bright Eyes

Tabbed by: Tim Lawson

Tuning: B F# B E G B

This is a pretty easy tune to learn once you get the riff, this probably 
isn't the tuning and chord voicings on the record but I've found it quite 
easy to use and it requires minimal fingering. Plus the open strings usually
sound nice with the chords. But basically, don't follow any of this too
closely, it's just a simple interpretation - play what you think sounds 
best or most accurate. Alternatively just play the actual chords - I've
transcribed the versions I'm using but feel free to just play D or whatever.
Anyway, enjoy playing this and listening to the album!

The chords are written above the lines, and where the riff is played I've
just put "Riff". Listen to the song and you'll have it figured out pretty

Main riff:

B ||---------------------------------|
G ||------------------------------0--|
E ||------0-------0-------0----------|
B ||----0---0---3---3---0---0---3----|
B ||--5---------------5--------------|

The placing of the last note varies in the repetitions of the riff, again
listen to the track to get it spot on.


   D        B          C        A          G


Part 1

Riff x2
I do my best to sleep through the caterwaul

Riff x2
The classicists, the posturing avant-garde

I bought a grey macaw, named him Jules Verne

He'll probably outlive me he's a bright bird

Riff x2
Keeps me company I teach him new words

I saw a hologram at the theme park
She looked as real as me through the white fog
Then she melted down to her ankles
Turned into a million-watt candle
If I knew where she went I would follow

Part 2

Walking through the land of tomorrow

Martian trinkets, plastic Apollos

In the sunshine try to act normal

My veins are full of flat cherry-cola

Riff x2
Slept on a bench by the rollercoaster

Part 3

D                        C            G
Dreamt I was riding on a motorbike

D                     C            G            D
Lion of Judah painted on the side

Part 1

I'm doing fine, I'm back in the palisades
Life's a wash, a pastoral school play
China shops and cold ivory towers
I and I make toasts to the Caesars
Forcing down the dregs of Decembers

Madeline she spins in a slow bang
All through the house the strong smell of burnt sage
Let's make it clean and run out the spirits
I know a diving bell when I hear it
We're going down now under the surface

Part 2

Light to dark can shift in an instant
Feeling close but keeping my distance
On all fours she's just so insistent
Fills my mind with jump ropes and slit wrists
Bust through the Firewall into heaven

Part 3

Then I'm standing in that blinding light
Crooked crosses falling from the sky

Part 4

Seen yeah seen by I and I

Seen yeah seen by I and I

Repeats until

Riff x2
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