Brooks And Dunn - Boot Scootin Boogie chords

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               A Tribute To The Greatest Duo of all Time
                  Their Greatest Song of all Time
                       BOOT SCOOTIN BOOGIE

(E)Out in the country past the city limit sign
well there's a honky tonk, past the county line
(A)The joint starts a'jumpin' every night when the sun goes down
(B7)They got whiskey, women, music, and smoke
It's where all the cowboy folk go to Boot Scootin Boogie(E)

(E)I got a job, I work hard for my money
when it's quittin' time, I hit the door runnin'
(A)I fire up my pickup truck and let the horses run
(B7)I go flyin' down that highway, to that hideaway
out in the woods to do the Boot Scootin Boogie(E)

Yeah(A)Heel toe, Do-se-doe, come on baby let's go, Boot Scootin'(E)
Oh(A)Cattalac, Blackjack, come on meet me out back were gonna boogie(E)
Oh(B7)Get down, turn around, go to town, Boot Scootin' Boogie(E)

(E)The bartender asks me says "Son, what'll it be."
I want a shot at that red-head yonder, lookin' at me
(A)The dance floor's hoppin' and it's hotter than the forth of July(E)
They got(B7)in-laws, out-laws, crooks, and straights
all out there makin' it shake doin' the Boot Scootin' Boogie(E)

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah(B7)get down, turn around, go to town, Boot Scootin Boogie
(Repeat Verse)

They had a good career, I can't believe the split up
You'll see more B and D from me

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