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Brooks Garth - Wolves tab

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Capo 6

Relative to capo:


Am            C                 G
Mama there’s wolves in the house
Mama they won’t let me out
Mama they’re mating at night
Mama they won’t make nice

They’re pacing and glowing bright
Their faces all snowy and white
Bury their paws in the stone
And make for my heart as their home


Em              D                  C
They tumble and fight, and they’re beautiful
On the hilltops at night, they are beautiful
Blazing with light, is the whitest and the tallest and the biggest one
She’s muscled and fine, when she runs


Am                 C                 G
They’re tearing up holes in the house
They’re tearing their claws in the ground
They’re staring with blood in their mouths
Mama they won’t let me out


Am            C                G
Mama there’s wolves in the house
Mama I tried to put them out
And mama I know you’re too wise
To wait ‘til those wolves make nice
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