Bruce Carroll - Above And Beyond chords

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Capo 5

Em C D  G C G

Em         C                     D
All I ever wanted was someone to care for me
Bm                    C
Someone to always be there for me
D                           G
Right through the good and bad
 G                                         D,.
I spent a long time hoping that just one time|.
Bm                           Cia
A portion of love I would find
Em                                     D
Then you came along and gave me so much more

G                   D
Above and beyond my needs
Em                  Bm
Your love has carried me
            C               D                  G
When I was not strong enough to make it on my own
Your love has calmed my fears
Em                   Bm
I know you're always near
C                                 D
Only a love so strong could come from
Above and beyond

Em             C                      D
Just a cup of water was all that I needed
Bm                            C
All alone in my darkness I pleaded
D                         G
For someone to answer my call
 G                                 D                                  
Then your love washed away all the pain
 Bm                       C
The moment I called out your name
Em                                      D
You filled up my heart and I won't be the same 
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