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Bruce Springsteen - Loose Change tab

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Yet another great Springsteen song off of the fourth disc of "Tracks"...

A                                               Amaj7
Met her at a friendly little bar down along the coast
A                                                       D
She said it was her birthday so we had us a nice little toast
A                                       Amaj7
Drove around for a while, smoked a few cigarettes
A                                                    D
Took her back to my place, she slipped off her party dress
E                                          D
She sat for a while on the edge of the bed just talkin'
A            D         A    D
Loose change in my pocket
A            D         A
Loose change in my pocket

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A                                                          Amaj7
Pint of gin in my boot cuff, I'm drivin' for a drink and a dance
A                                                    D
Sittin' on the next stool, miss a-little-time-on-her-hands
A                                                        Amaj7
Yeah I knew she was trouble, but trouble sure was lookin' fine
A                                                        D
And when I pulled her close what I knew kinda slipped my mind
E                                               D
We lay in bed and watched the moon come up crawling
A            D         A    D
Loose change in my pocket
A            D         A
Loose change in my pocket

I pour another drink, wait for the night to get through
D                                                    A
Stars are burning in that black void so far away and blue

A                                                           Amaj7
Now I'm sittin' at a red light I feel somethin' tickin' way down
A                                                                   D
The night's moving like a slow train crawling through this shithole town
A                                                          Amaj7
Got my bags packed in the back and I'm tryin' to get going again
A                                             D
But red just goes to green and green goes red and then
E                                            D
Then all I hear's the clock on the dash tick-tocking
A            D         A    D
Loose change in my pocket
A            D         A    D    A
Loose change in my pocket

Note for beginners: I play the rythym in a simple pattern with some minor variations 
I feel like it... The basic rythym is as follows:

D-D-U - D-D-U ... etc

Mess around, see what you like. Have fun.
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