Bruce Springsteen - The Fever chords

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The Fever by Bruce Springsteen

When I get home from my (Am7) Job I turn (Em) on my TV 
But I (Am7) can't keep my mind on the (Em) show
When I (Bm) lay down a night I don't (Cmaj7) get no sleep
So I (Am) turn on my radio (Bm)

But Lord the (Am7) only thing I hear is you (Em) whispering in my ear
The (Am7) words that you used to say (Em)  
Well now the day (Am7) grow longer and my (Em) love grows stronger
And the (C) fever gets (Bm) worse and I've (Em) got the fever for this girl
(Em)  Got the fever (Bm) Oh I've got the fever (Am7) nothing that a boy can (Em) do 
(Em)  When he's got the fever for this girl Got the fever (Bm) oh I've got the fever
(C) Left this little boy (Bm) (Em) Blue 

I (Em) can remember coming home (C) see you (G) standing at the stove
With (C) dishes on the table dinner (G) ready to go 
Well (Bm) maybe be out to a (Cmaj7) movie show 
(Am7) Something that you like to see (Bm)

Because you were my (Am) sun in the morning and the (Em) moon at night 
When I (Am7) think about you baby (Em) I feel all right girl 
(Em) I got the fever oh (Am7) I got the fever for the girl
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