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Bruce Springsteen - Ramrod tab

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Ramrod - Bruce Springsteen

(Tune down 1/2 step)

-------------------|--------------------| G | G | G | G

Hey, little dolly with the blue jeans on

I wanna ramrod with you honey, till halfpast dawn
Let your hair down sugar and pick up this beat
Come on and meet me tonight down on Bluebird street
I've been working all week, I'm up to my neck in hock
Come Saturday night I let my ramrod rock

She's a hot stepping hemi with a four on the floor

She's a roadrunner engine in a '32 Ford
Late at night when I'm dead on the line
I swear I think of your pretty face when I let her unwind
Well look over yonder see them city lights
Come on little dolly 'n' go ramrodding tonight

(Organ solo) | G | G | G | G | G | G | G | G |
             | C | C | C | C | G | G | G | G |
             | D | D | D | D | G | G | G | G

             C                        D
Well, I said Come on, come on, come on little baby
C                           D
Come on, come on let's shake it tonight
C                         D
Come on, come on, come on little sugar
C                               D
Dance with your daddy and we'll go ramrodding tonight

Hey little dolly won't you say you will

Meet me tonight on the top of the hill
Well just a few miles cross the county line
There's a cute little chapel nestled down in the pines
Say you'll be mine little girl I'll put my foot on the floor
             C                        D                     | G | G (fade out)
Give me the word now sugar, we'll go ramrodding forever more

 G  C  D
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