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Bryan Adams - Get Away tab

From the 1998 album 'On a day like Today' Tabbed by Tom Atkinson.

This sounds right to me and it hasn't been tabbed before.

If you find a fault e-mail me at

Some useful chord shapes (6th string at top)

 G   Am7   C   D    Admittedly the Am7 looks strange but use it 'cause 
                    it sounds ace and flows quite nicely from the G chord
 3    3    3   2
 0    1    1   3
 0    0    0   2 
 0    2    2   0
 2    0    3   0
 3    3    


Intro: G       Am7       C       G       

Verse 1:

 Drove all night from New York City
   in ya best friend's car
 Knocked on my door 'bout five-thirty
 Nursin' a broken heart

Still got your keys in your back pocket
Still got your jacket on
Back doors open baby, I don't lock it
We can leave anytime we want

I got my motor runnin'

fingers drummin'
I never planned to stay


Getaway, you know it's now or never
Getaway, nobody lives forever
Am7                          C             G
   We're only waitin' just to make our getaway


Hey baby, we were good together

Thought you'd always be my girl

But lookin' back now we were just too clever

Thinkin' love would change the World


You know there's no point in waitin' 
C                 D
 We gotta leave today!

Chorus and then the chorus chords vamp round for (true to Bryan form) a few hours
with some improvised solos on top and a few lines from the chorus thrown in. True
fans will know what I'm on about.
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