Bryan And Katie Torwalt - I See Heaven chords

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The original version (chords listed without parenthesis) was too hard on my 
barring finger so I play the song with modified chords (parenthesis version). I 
think it still sounds pretty close and is easier to play for extended periods. Enjoy!

F  Bb    (E  A)
I see heaven, invading this place, I see angels, Praising Your Holy Name

And I sing praises, I sing praises, I give You honor, Worthy Jesus

I see Glory, Falling in this place
I see hope restored, healing of all disease

We give You Praise, and all of the Honor
You are our God, the one we live for
We give You Praise, and all of the Glory God

Gm F  Bb  F C Gm   (F E A E B)
Let Your Presence fill this place, Let heaven come
Let Your angels be released, Let Heaven come
We will worship at Your feet, Let Heaven come
Face to face we want to meet, Let Heaven come
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