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Buffalo Springfield - Hung Upside Down tab

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Hung Upside Down  

Intro:    A   G  (4X)
      e|--2-0----     e|--2-0--------      
      B|------2-0     B|------2-0-2-3

Bm                       A 
Look what's happening to me,
          E      E7     D      
I'm going blind, please help.
Bm                A 
There I sat until three,
                  E    E7 D    C#m  A 
Gettin' further behind myself. By myself.

        E      E7   A
And I'm hung upside down. (x2)
E    E7     A
Hung upside down, said I'm
E    E7     A 
Hung upside down, c'mon, c'mon.
E    E7     A
Hung upside down.

F#  C#m  A   B   Intro

Someday I will be free,
and there'll be times, you just wait.
I will come to you, see,
what I'll bring you when I get straight, oh it's too late.


by: Jos Duarte

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