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Buffy Sainte-marie - Angel tab

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Title: Angel
Artist: Tres

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E                            A
Is it wrong to feel the way I do
E                    A
Well I go on with this feeling that I have
E                       A 
Couldn't be sure if you'll open up your heart
F#m        A
For me. If baby I would say 


E                    A
That I love you my angel
For you're the one who make me dream
Who fills my heart with everything
E          A
So I need my angel
Will I ever hold you hand
And Whisper what I truly feel for you

(Do CP: E-A then F#m A)
How an I start to tell you
This feeling makes me weak
Will I keep this love forever
Ignore my love for you
Couldn;t be sure
If you'll open up your heart form
If baby i would say
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