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Bwitched - Castles In The Air tab

Castles in the air - B*witched - transcribed by D.Lamb

*The above files are my own work. I am NOT claiming to have written either the music or the lyrics to these songs, 
*These files simply represent my interpretation of the music. I have transcribed them by listening to the Sony music
*recording. You may only use these files for private study, scholarship, or research. If you can prove that these files
*constitue an offence, with regards to copyright law in the United Kingdom, then please email 
*to rectify the situation 

 B  F#    E
Here my head up in the clouds

    B      F#         E
I feel, oh, oh, I'm spinnin around

   B               F#
Dreams will come and go,

      A               E
but this is here to stay

B F#     E
so, forever this way

 B                         F#
Hold me now, Hold me now, say the things you say

    E                       B     F#
Hold me now, Hold me now, I pray, yeah

B            F#           A            E      B                F#            E
So, here we are at the start of this road, together building castles in the air

B            F#               A            E
Words we don't need, without you I don't breathe

  B                F#            E
Forever building castles in the air.

B F#   E
So,   softly like a sigh,

B F#          E
See where the white horses ride

B               F#
It all seems so real -

  A              E
A feeling deep inside.

B F#     E
So, our time will go on


(Same chords as first line of chorus for "oooo oooo" bit.)


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