C2c - Because Of You chords

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C2C - Because Of You

Dm 557765
G  355433
F  88101098

Dm G F G
(throughout the whole song, take the lead, as you constantly emphasize the rhythm with 
your strummings and mute the strings with you little finger when you use barés!)

You could spice it up, when you pick the intro with open chords:
Dm 000231
G 320003 (better use: 320030)
F 033210

This is a very powerful and fun song, even more if you can rap.
Partymaker! ;)
Have a lot of fun!
Regards - Can

Dm G F G
Because of you:
I'm never alone
I walk on the streets
And I peek on my own

Because of you:
The day looks brighter
The cars run away
And you're liftin‘ me higher

Vers 1:
Okey (x4)
Poppin‘ like you'll never know
Hopin‘ on a train to go
Wherever, whenever thing is fallin‘ in line like dominos

Typin‘ like I'm Kerouac
Dunno know exactly where I'm at
Found my purpose in this circus
Bonnified brainiac

Gettin‘ it in is no problem
Spittin‘ the pin is hot lava
Let us again - there is no need to pretend and let go: It turns out awesome
Without you ain‘t workin‘
Gotta be together - and that‘s for certain
Grab my hand get in the van and close the curtain


Okey, c‘mon now
Good, good (x3)
Good mmhh
Good, good (x3)

Vers 2
I think I fell in love, she fell for dirty dawg
I‘m used to drinkin‘ with the boys and makin‘ noise in clubs
And now we pushin‘ shob, hope she don‘t walk away
Here come the clouds, I think I smell rain

There‘s no turnin‘ back from here
Can‘t you see were almost there
Travel miles across the sea
All to find a road to me
All my love, my love don‘t fall
Nothing‘s out that you should know
Hit the bottom without you
To finally know it‘s true

Chorus (x2)
liftin‘ me higher (x~8) now
liftin‘ me higher (x~8) now
I think I fell in love, she fell for dirty dawg
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