C3 Church - Rain Falls Down chords

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"Rain Falls Down"
by C3 (Christian City Church Oxford Falls) from the album Undivided

Intro: B  [ch]F#/B[/ch]  [ch]G#m/B[/ch]  E/B (2 times)


B              [ch]F#/B[/ch]
Your rain falls down
Your rain falls down
Your rain falls down 
on me

Your grace poured out
Your grace poured out
Your grace poured out
                 B (C#m last time)
You're all I need

(4 times)

Free worship: C#m  A  E  B (2 times) 


           B                F#
'Cause all You are is all I seek
      G#m                       E
Jesus Christ Who died to set me free
              B              F#
You broke the chains at Calvary
      G#m             E
You rose again, You rose again

(2 times)
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