Calexico - Hush chords

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Calxico - Hush


G                    Am
In the afternoon of orange blossom days
C                  G                 (D/F#)
Hummingbirds rest above where we lay
Em            G   C          G    (D/F#)
You say it's ok, no need to fret
Em                G         C    G/B   Am
The weight of it all, will ease as we find
C     G/B       Am          G
The balance in each step we make

G                          Am
Swinging back'n forth, in a Palo Verde tree
C                        G                (D/F#)
The wind in the needles, hushes you asleep
Em                 G            C       G     (D/F#)
And even with the strain, your heart remains
Em               G
And don't doubt why, darlin'
C   G/B           Am   
In time you will find
C            G/B        Am
We're alright we were born
C            G/B    Am              G       
Like the branch to bend and not to break

G  Am
C  G   (D/F#)

Em    G    C        G   (D/F#)  
Reconcile and resurrect
Em         G     
Tombstone rose 
C       G/B             Am
Growing up and over the gates 
C       G/B             Am
To where our children play
C       G/B                Am                G
The future wraps round like vines, inside these arms

Break: (Oh's )
Em  G
C   G   (D/F#)
Em  G

C  G/B           Am
Darlin' will you say 
C      G/B       Am
In our final embrace
           C      G/B       Am
Before returning 'neath the clay
       C    G/B      Am           G
After all that your heart still remains ...

Use variations of the main chords used.
G:    320030 / 320000 
Am:   x02210 / x02200
C:    032010 / 032030
G/B:  020010
D/F#: 200232

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