Canterbury - Gloria chords

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Awesome song ;)
So this is just a suggestions of chords i'm sure you can arrange it and play it the way you want.

G                                             Csus                     
Youíve got this thing in your mind that itís all for the best 
                G                  Em                   
Iíve got this thing in mind that starts from the chest 
            G                           (Em)         G 
Breathing forced, reading lines meaning i'm out of time 
       G                                     Csus   
Well time was a thing that we thought was a thing that we had 
             G                     Em
Iím getting wasted I am half full starting to flirt 
G                                 G
I donít want this thing to overflow 

If you believe what's said in secrets 
     D or Dsus                 (G)
Say this to me when I ask you now 

You wanna dance tonight? 
You wanna cross the line? 
When I tripped and I fell and landed straight at your feet 
From down here I see  the line's looking blurry tonight 

Well blurry lines in my eyes 
make me willing to cross 
Well blurry minds make me feel uneasy 
Heart warming sweet talking reasons Iím over the line 

Lying alone feelings wrong 
but it's all for the best 
It could be worse we could both be lying 
Even with miles of rope 
I still wouldnít have a hope 
if started going down by the head 

But youíre alive both safe and stable 
Let me in i'll sail away for you ...

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