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Carole King - Hey Girl chords

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  Hey Girl

By Carole King/Gerry Goffin

Transcribed for guitar (Acoustic) by kttunstallator3

Note*: A great early tune by Carole in the 50s, popularized and sung by Freddie 
Scott. You can listen to this version on youtube under One to One, Director's Cut. 
There are various key changes throughout. The chord names are a bit off, but close!

Capo 3

Verse 1:
Hey, girl, I want you to know
G A G A D6
I'm gonna miss you so much if you go
And, hey, girl, I tell you no lie
F D F D Csus
Somethin’ deep inside of me's going to die
Gm Gm1
If you say so long
If this is goodbye

Verse 2:
Bb C Bb C
Hey girl, now this can't be true
Bb C Bb C Fsus4
How am I supposed to exist without you

F(5th pos) F F(5) F
Hey, girl, now sit yourself down
F(5) F F(5) F Bb 
I'm not ashamed to get down on the ground (for the Fs, strum staccato-like)

Bm Bm1 Fsus4
And beg you, beg you to stay
Don't go away
Hey-ay-ay, girl 
I beg you please, don’t go away
Away hey, girl (end).

G: 3200xx
A: x02220
D6: xx0222
C: x32010
D: xx0232
Csus: x32000
Gm: 355333
Gm1: 353333
Bb: 113331
Fsus4: xx3210
F (5th position): 57765x
F: 133210
Bm: 113321
Bm1: 113121
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