Carolina Chocolate Drops - Leaving Eden chords

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C                   F
Hush now, don't you wake up
         C          F
We'll be leaving at first light
       Dm           C
Mama's buying you a mockingbird
   Am          F
To lull you through the night

      C                F
We'll cross the Dan by morning
         C                  F
Here's a blanket for you to share
        Dm               C
They're building down in Georgia
      Am            F
Daddy hears he'll find work there

[--------------BEGIN CHORUS---------------]
        Am                F
And the mockingbird can't sing
         E           Am
Like the crying of a dove
    C               F
And I can't tell my daughters
        E             Am
All the things that I'm scared of
    C         F                    E7        Am
But I am not afraid of that bright glory up above
Dm            C             Am        F            Fm
Dying's just another way to leave the ones you love
[--------------END CHORUS---------------]

   C            F
No work for the working man
     C              F
Just one more empty mill
Dm            C
Hard times in Rockingham
Am           F
Hard times harder still

    C                F
The crows are in the kitchen
    C              F
The wolves at the door
    Dm               C       Am   F
Our fathers' land of Eden is paradise no more


   C                F
My sister stayed in Eden
    C                F
Her husband's got some land
   Dm            C                  Am                F
An agent for the county thinks that they might make a stand
  C            F
A hard life of working
     C               F
With nothing much to show
  Dm           C            Am    F
A long life of leaving with nowhere to go

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