Cars - One By One chords

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"One by One"  the Cars, song lyrics by Ric Ocasek

G em C C | % | % | % |
G                         em
Well I was walking to the edge
C                        C
Where decision takes its toll
I would never take a pledge
But I just might sell my soul

C                    D
And I can't face the dreary night
C                         D
But I can put up with the haze
C                   D
And one by one they pass you by
C                    D
The words just waste, hey...
G em C C | % |

G                  em
I was on my lonely rant
C                             C
And I was falling through the freeze
Some just will and some just can't
And I fractured all my C's

C                  D
And frosty windows blur my sight
C                         D
And the midnight calms me down
C                           D
But one by one they pass me by
C                     D
When poor me comes to town...owne...

(guitar solo)
G em C C | % |C D|%|%|%| G em C C |%|

Yeah, I was on the different side
Where doorsteps line the streets
And bedtime stories they wax and wane
And rumours are discrete

And telltale windows softly lit
With purpose they all shout
One by one they pass you by
On the restless roundabout
G em C C |%| until fade
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