Carter Usm - Prince In A Paupers Grave chords

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Chords by Paul Wingham from The Sweet Fantastic.
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I love this song so enjoy!!!

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
A Prince in a Paupers Grave

     Dm         Am     
In a bar Johnny drinks 

       E             Am     
Johnny drinks Johnny Walker 

        Dm        Am            E       
till he runs up a bill he can't pay 

     Dm              Am     
He's drinking to the memory 

     E           Am             
of a prince in a pauper's grave 

    Dm             Am 
And it's go Johnny go 

          E             Am   
where the bruises don't show 

       Dm                   A           E       
in the churchyard where the nervous get wrecked 

    Dm            Am       
And turn off your wireless 

    E           Am      
for two minutes silence 

Dm           Am       E        
Cough up and pay your respects 

    Dm        Am   
And go to the park 

      E          Am    
where vicars and tarts 

Dm             Am        E     
prey for their tormented souls 

       Dm                Am 
By the american graffiti    

     E            Am     
from Elephant and Castle 

   D          Am     
in Ford Capri Orange 

E                     D    
Volkswagon yellow and gold 

Dm            Am            
Johnny drinks Johnny drinks 

Em                   Am     
Johnny drinks Johnny Walker 

Dm          Am      E              
cockles his muscles alive alive 'o 

Dm          Am        E      Am    
smashes his bottle of unholy water 

         Dm        Am      E  
and it's go Johnny go, go, go 

C           Em         
Back to the churchyard 

      Am      F      
where day out day in 

      C        Em      
those original sinners 

    Am          F       
are religiously praying 

C                   G    
And where there was muck 

          E7                Am      
there's a brass band that's playing 
playing to the memory 
of a prince in a pauper's grave 

(Dm Am E Am) to end

E7: 020100
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