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Cascada - Ready For Love chords

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I realized this tab isn't anywhere on the web so I figured I'd be the one to shed some light.

I quickly realized the entire chord progression for this song is:

Em C G D

           Em              C
You took a piece of my heart
        G                        D
I never thought that this could fall apart
             Em          C
You said you fell in love
             G                        D
and this was more than I had ever been afraid of
Em         C
Another life
        G                 D
Another happy ending, it cuts like a knife
        Em                C
Another place, another time
        G                      D
Another hand to touch, Another sun to shine

                            Em                          C
You've got me Deeper than deep and I'm constantly blinded
           G                              D
Running around 'cause there's no where to hide
                      Em                              C
I start to talk in my sleep 'cause our souls are divided
               G                    D
why can't they forgive me the demons inside

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