Cascada - San Francisco chords

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Cascada - San Francisco
i hope you enjoy it!


[Verse 1]

G                     A Bm
I'll take you back to 1969

G                      A                Bm
Let's hit the city of freedom, like old times

It's getting dirty

     A              Bm
Underneath the blue sky

G                  A               Bm
Imagine you and me count the butterflies

One, two, three

A              Bm
Let's bring it on

        G                      A  Bm
Keep on dancing in the streets of love

G                  A   Bm
French kissing on JFK drive

Till we crash at the beach

          A            Bm
Where we watch the sun rise

Tell me what you waiting for

We're crossing the golden gate

A             Bm
Party at the frisco bay


G             A    Bm
Wake me up in San Francisco

We knew the power is in your head, girl

A           Bm
Party everywhere, girl

G               A    Bm
I Wake me up in San Francisco

Where the love is in the air

        A               Bm
All the people stop and stare

      G                  A       Bm
Baby take me back to the city of love

G                           A        Bm
To the place that I've been dreaming of

San Francisco...

Wake me up in San Francisco

[Verse 2]
It's 10 pm
Getting ready for the night
Wanna be a hippie when the city's getting high
I'm cruising down broadway, you on my side
Pulling over my pink rover at the hungry eye

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