Casting Crowns - Christmas Offering chords

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Cating Crowns
Track: Christmas offering
Album: Peace on Earth

F                        C                        Bb
111111<-- 1st fret       ||||1|<-- 1st fret       |||||1<-- 1st fret
|||2||                   ||2|||                   ||||||
|34|||                   |3||||                   |||23|

Dm7                       G                        A
|||||1<-- 1st fret       ||||||<-- 1st fret       ||||||<-- 1st fret
||||||                   |1||||                   ||123|
|||23|                   2|||34                   ||||||


intro F  C F  Bb  C  (in the intro play the 
C once then F)
         ^             Hint: most chords are played twice
       F         C              Bb             C
Verse1: over the skies of bethlehem appeared a star
       A             Bb            C
        while angles sang to lonly shepherds
       F              C                  Bb           C
        three wisemen seeking truth they travel from afar
       A          Bb                C
        hoping to find the child of heaven
        Bb      C        F          A7             Dm7
        falling on their knees they bow before the humble
       (C      Bb F)
        prince of peace
this part is optional you can play the chords above or play the C and hold it.

Chorse:A            Bb          C              F
        we bring an offering of worship to our king
       A       Bb                C               F
        no one earth desvese the praises that we sing
       A          Bb              C               G
        Jesus may you receive the honor that your due
           Bb               C          (F)
        oh lord we bring an offering to you
let the F on you be the begining of the intro

play the ontro x2

Verse2: the sun cannot compare to the glory of your love
        there is no shadow in your presence
        no mortal man would dare to stand before your throne
        before the holy one of heaven
        it's only by your blood it's only though your mercy
        lord I come<-- again optional all the chords or hold the C


play the intro x6 then play the chorse when you get to F on you just play oh lord I 
an offerong to you again. then play the intro the rest of the song
this is my first chord sheet and i had to lisin to the song over and over to get it 
so injoy:)
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