Catching The Fallen - Tonight chords

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Words and Music by Adam Jensen

Verse 1
              Am           F
Theres a battle raging for our lives
      G              E
And the enemys got a string of lies
               Am             F
That hes ready to plant in our minds
                 G                                E             Am      F       G       E
Trying to turn our hearts so we start the fight Tonight

                Am                      F
Well hes strategizing, to start terrorizing
      G                 E
So with darkness rising, we make it right
Am      F       G

Verse 2
Theres a warrior nation willing to fight
A generation will lift their cry
We wont be stopped cause we will fight
Well press on forward and fight the fight Tonight

Chorus (Half Time)
Am                 F                        G                Em
Tonight we will fight   for our generation well give our lives
Am                  F            G                            Em
To bring forth the light        the light of Christ to the Dark outside

        Am                 F                   G                               Em
Cause we were made to live outside, outside ourselves as the voice of Christ
Am                   F              G                      Em
To the ones given up on life, it is for them that we will fight

Tag (Double Time)
And we dedicate ourselves to Christ
But we werent made to live inside no
This is for more than just our lives
We fight for the ones outside

Bridge 2
For the life of Christ to the dead inside
And his hope to the broken life
It is for them that we will fight
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