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Celebration Church - Rudo Rwamwari chords

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         C                   G
Your love is like a fountain
          F                  G
Ever flowing, ever clean
               C                       G
Washing me with new beginnings
         Dm7     F             Gsus4  G
Ever faithful,       ever green
                 C                                G
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2.    Keeps me humble down on my knees
                 F                            G
Keeps me grateful for what I see
              C                         G
Endless mercy, abundant grace
                   Dm7          F        Gsus4     C        C/E
Because of Your love      my life has changed

                F                         C/E
Rudo rwaMwari, rudo rwaMwari
        Am7   G/B   C    C/E
Runosha  -  misa,  Je -  su
                F                         C/E
Rudo rwaMwari, rudo rwaMwari
C/E    F6   C/G    G7     C
Ru  -   no - sha  -  mi  -   sa,
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