Chas And Dave - Gertcha chords

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Play it “status quo” style on guitar
Some lyrics are guessed at ( probably cockney slang )

(C) well there’s a (C)word that i don’t understand
i hear it everyday from my old man
it maybe cockney rhyming slang , it ain’t in no school (G) book
he says it (C)every time that he gets mad , a regular caution is my old dad
rub the (F) old man up the wrong way and (G) bet your life you’ll hear him say

( run down from C = C,Bb,A,Ab )
( run back up to B = G,A,Bb,B )
gertch u cow son , gertcha

(C)gertcha - when the kids are swinging on the gate
(F)gertcha - when the paper boy is half an hour late
(C)gertcha – when the pigeons are peckin at his seeds
(F)gertcha – when the barber starts (F#dim) diggin up his weeds
(octave run up on bass) = G,A,Bb,B C,D,Eb,E
gertch u cow son , gertcha
(F)barstool preaching (D) that’s the old mans (G) game

(rest of song follows same chord progressions)

now the old man was a desert rat - khaki shorts and a khaki hat
how me mother could have fancied that - i just don’t know
but when the enemy came in sight - they gave up without a fight
cos they rubbed him up the wrong way - and this is what they heard him say

gertch u cow son , gertcha
gertcha - when my rock and roll records wake him up
gertch - when the poles knocked england out the cup
gertch – when the kids are banging on the door
gertcha- when the barman wont serve him any more
gertch u cow son , gertcha
barstool preaching he’s always been the same

solo ( chords as verse , do it chuck berry style )

gertch u cow son , gertcha
gertcha – when the dog left a message on the step
gertcha – lester piggot when he lost it by a neck
gertcha – when me brother kicked the toes out of his shoes
gertcha – when the houseflies are flying round the room
gertch u cow son , gertcha
barstool preaching he’s always been the same
when me mother says he cant go down the pup
sisters boyfriend put sister up the club
at the tomcats - when theyre kickin up a din
Tottenham hotspurs – couldn’t get one in
When me mother locks him out the flat
When its raining – and he cant find his hat
In the morning – when his motor car wont go
Next door neighbour – when he wont give him a tow
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