Chasen - Castaway chords

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                            this is my first tab so go easy plz

                           capo 3

  Am        F                C               G
  I feel destruction running hard through my veins
  i feel redemption rushing my way

   Am                               C         G 
   my victories are bittersweet and now i can tell
   the only place my plans have left me is right where i fell

    chorus: same chords as verse Am F C G two counts
     overboard too far from shore
     castaway trying to make it home
     i catch my breatyh to save myself
     but i cant in my sight you were just in time
     i feel you now youre by my side
     i know you gave me the gift of a second chance

    verse 2
    i have a dream of life on my own
    i had a place i thought was my home
    but now i see i just cant have it any other way
    its all or nothing do or die but im the price i pay

      Tag: Am F
     a second chance i wont forget
     a second life i wont regret
     a second wind to break this night
     a second more to make it right

this is it plz enjoy
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