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Cheyenne Kimball - Wonderful tab

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“Wonderful”-Cheyenne Kimball ft. Josh Hoge

This is just the intro/verse on the song. Listen to the recording and you will know the 

Capo 2nd fret.

D- 000232
Em- 022000

Intro: D Em Cadd9 G D Em 

D                 		   Em      Cadd9    G
Baby  you’ve been wondering why I’m feeling so
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D        Em Cadd9 G
         D  			Em      Cadd9        G          
And I don’t even understand why I love you.

Cadd9 G

 D          Em        Cadd9     G 			D  Em
And in my heart I wish that you would be true.

Cadd9 G

			 D 	           Em   Cadd9       G
Oh and if you weren’t in my life, boy I don’t know

            D  Em  Cadd9 G
what I’d do.

( It repeats this way for the next verses)

Hope you like it, this is my first tab so it might not be that good. =)
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