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China Anne Mcclain - Unstoppable chords

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 The tuning is standard although my guitar might be a halfstep down either way its 
the same thing :) enjoi


 Em       G                 D                 C
Hard to take, the days you just cant catch a break

 Em       G               D            C
When it brings me down, i get right back up            

           Em         G            D                   C
Cause im powerful, incredible, Independent girl, ready for the world

     Em      G                               D                  C
Come on, tonight im unstoppable, incredibly strong tonight im unstoppable

     Em               G       D                 C     
The world is calling me out, don't runaway come on and shout

to get that effect at the end of each bar that they have play this
  C        Em

and thats it all there is too its very simple i believe she might play it a tab 
bit different but im sure this is as accurate as its gonna get
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