Chip Hanna - Second Wind chords

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Chip Hanna - Second Wind

artist: Chip Hanna
song: Second Wind
album: Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three (2007)
track No: 11/12
net: &

I walk out on my doorstep

The heat hits me square in the face

It's 121 in the arizona sun

And 121 in the shade
Ain't no tellin what's causing all the yellin

All the noise on the radio
Cowboy today a roughin and a ridin

Not drinkin on the old bayou
Last night i staggered

Now i'm feelin kinda haggard

Takin jimmy home after the show

Just need my second wind
To go at it again
     G               D
And nobody will ever know
Just want my second wind
To get on it again
     G                       D
And brother no it just won't show

I hear some news on TV
Ain't the news that I wanna hear
Some more bombs are fallin'
The whole world is callin'
You know it's only been 5 years
We are under attack in southern Iraq
In Lebanon they're diggin' the clay
But we don't mind it
Or we just can't find it
And it worries me more everyday
I ain't never played the Copa
But I been to Europa
With the jet lag and the Sin


The scene outside my window
It seems that I just don't care
Too busy livin' this honky tonkin' life
Not wonderin' what clothes to wear
Wanna love up my money
And go collect my money
Call my buddy Don
Just to say hey
Gonna be a blitzkrieg
Tonight I'm drinkin' whiskey
Just dig a little more on my grave
Wastin' no more time
I'm headed down that line
And that's all that I got to say

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