Chris Brown - Party Hard chords

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C#m - Eb - Bb - Ab

I just need one more dance 
    Eb                                         Bb
And girl i hate this feeling but its not going away 
I think im in love with you 
And i cant help myself 
     Eb                                        Bb
Cause this may be the only chance I've got with you 
And i know you gone show off 

(Chord) She likes all them stripper poles 
Like taking off her clothes 
             Bb                         Ab
And when you work that girl you stop my heart 
C#m                                   Eb   
Shes got the perfect lips the perfect body 
                     Bb                     Ab
Shes the life of the party and she likes to party Hard 
C#m                           Eb
Shes such a rock n roller but exotic 
                    Bb                 Ab
Shes the life of ma party she likes to party hard 
                   C#m                 Eb
Your spilling your drinks on me living wild and free 
   Bb                     Ab
Tonight you've changed my life 
I hope you put your lips on me 
Playing tricks on me 
Bb                    Ab
Tonight we gone party hard 

Verse 2 (same chords)

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