Chris Ramos - I Feel Love chords

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I feel Love
Written by Chris Ramos and Sonny B. 

D --2---  Asus4 --0---  D2 --0---  D3 --0---
  --3---        --3---     --3---     --0---
  --2---        --2---     --0---     --0---
  --0---        --0---     --0---     --0---
These are the chords played. This is arranged for a ukulele, but on a guitar I 
would recomend CAPO 6.

When i Look at you and than i see you looking back
I see your eyes again and mine and baby thats a fact
And you hold me baby i dont know how i should act
but when your close this is how i react

La la la 4x

Cuz i feel love whenever you look at me
and when you smile girl i can barely breathe
i feel love 

And when i watch you walk my knees get weak
and when we share a kiss my heart it skips a beat
it skips a beat
The way you do those things you do
You got me actin like am a fool
Ready to be your man 
and take on a world you and I dont understand
you take me higher and higher 
ready to pass my love out as if it were a flyer
oooh girl your my desire got me burnin up like a man on fire
Cuz i can give you whatever you want
and i can give you whatever u need 
Just open up your eyes and maybe you'll see 
That love is not hard to reach
So girl thank you for blessing me with you
Cuz i dont know what I would do without you 
my love Cuz I....

Chorus 2x

Cuz when our eyes connect
You know who feels it best
And when u smile at me i feel it in my chest girl
Your giving me reason to keep on breathin
Dont want another lover girl
place no one above you girl (2x)
She gives me everything i want
she gives me everything i need
I keep her love locked up and shes
the one who holds on to the key (2x)

Chorus 2x
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