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Chris Rea - Candles tab

Chris Rea, Candles.
Tabbed by .
CANDLES by Chris Rea

Album: Water Sign

This is repeated in the verses and the chorus:
(First bar: First four notes are eights; next two quarters;
 Second bar: First two quarters; next four eights)


Intro: Em  D/F#  G6  D/F#
       Em  D/F#  G6  Asus4

Verse 1:

Em        D/F#               G6   D/F#
Faithful reasons still unknown
Em                D/F#           G6     Asus4
Like Bleak House fog seems everywhere
Em             D/F#       G6     D/F#
The truth has faded into stone
Em            D/F#             G6            First verse: D/F#  Second verse: Asus4
And hope lies freezing in the midnight air

Bridge: (just play the chords)

Am7              D
Though dark our days may seem
Gmaj7       Em
This is a diff’rent dream
F#m7-5         B7                     Em    E
Their freedom light don’t shine at all


Cmaj7     D      Cmaj7       D
So I will light a candle for you
Cmaj7        D             Cmaj7
And keep it burning in the night
And pray that you’re all right
Cmaj7  D      Cmaj7       D
I will light a candle for you
Cmaj7    D              Cmaj7    D
A little candle burning bright

Verse 2:

When schoolyard heroes disappear
The little girl she stands alone
Oh I believe you if you say
A prayer can help to get her home (yeah)



Em:     022000
D(/F#): 000232
G6:     020000
Asus4:  002233
Am7:    002213
Gmaj7:  000002
F#m7-5: 202210
B7:     001202
E:      022100
Cmaj7:  032000

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