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Christian Death - Silent Thunder tab

From  Sun Feb  6 04:15:57 1994
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John... did some work.. some may not be fully correct.
i've tried to put "?" where i dont think or know if it's right.

Silent Thunder

main riff
e -12--12---12----11----------------
b ----13---13---13-----------------

or instead of b13 you can slide to e8 (hell on the finger though)

chords (the 2nd 2 arent right, but they'd work)
e ----5-|-----|----------------------
b ------|---6-|---5-------------------
g ---7--|--7--|--7---------------------
d --7---|-7---|-7----------------------

break (1st time, last 2 notes not right?)
e --10--13--12-13-12-10---10----------------
b ----10----------------13----8--10----------
g -----------------------------------7--------

break (2nd time, correct)
e --10--13--12-13-12-10---15----10------
b ----10----------------13----13----8----

Aegis (opening chord, last 3 notes i don't like, but theyre close)

b ---8-8-8--10---------------------
g --9-9-9--9----------------------
d -7------7---------------------

oh well, you take your best shot, k?
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