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Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp tab

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			Spiritual Cramp (Christian Death)
Transcribed by: John Mc Donagh(

Note the chords here are as they are played on OToP/Deathwish.
On TIM they are higher or lower... I can't remember...

Play all chords in E shape barre chords for effect??

C# //// D //// Ab ////////
C# //// D //// Ab ////////
B //// Bb //// F# ////////
B //// Bb //// F# ////////	NB-This F# is played as A-shape on fret 9

[ Tab from: ]
C# //// D //// Ab ////////
C# //// D //// Ab ////////
C# //// D //// Ab ////////
C# //// D //// Ab ////////
D //// F# //// Ab //// A ////
D //// F# //// Ab //// A ////
D //// F# //// Ab //// A ////
D //// F# //// Ab //// A ////

And that's it... (Well as I play it!)
Any questions just E-mail. I felt that was easier than tabbing, and hopefully
it makes sense.
If people out there like XD please get in touch!

-John Mc Donagh.                   ~~                         {Nascent Virion}              ~~         "I dress my tears in costumes.."
"Adolf Hitler is alive and well... I slept with HER last night..
 You favor life, she favors death... And I'm on the fence and my balls hurt"
					          Chicago Live.. --Jim Morrison
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