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Christy Carlson Romano - Could It Be tab

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The other tabs for this song left much to be desired so .I decided to make
I decided to make my own.I pretty sure its right,its in the key of G though.


              G        D        C       D

            I Know we've been friends forever
             G               D                 C      D
        But now I think Im feeling something totally new
                   G           D           C       D
           and after all this time I opened up my eyes

                  G                       D
            now I see you were always with me


                   G              D
                  could it be you & I
                      C       D
                    never imagined
             G           D           C           D
           could it be suddenly Im fallin' for you
       G                       D                        Em
      could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew

                 C                    D
                could it be that its true

                       Its you 

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