City And Colour - Body In A Box chords

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Body in a box.
Capo 5th Fret. - by maria       Intro -G D Em C X2

  G         D                       Em             G       D           Em
Theres a funeral procession on the highway  (C) traffic screeches to a halt
          G             D            Em...
 (C)  theres people searching for a better way to live there lives oh oh

Johny lived a good life ass you'll here them say, as tears of sadness soaked 

the ground the reaper crept in took his breath away in the middle of the night

oh oh


Em                            C                           G      
We celebrate the lives of the dead its like a mans best party only happen
         D  (D) Em                          C
when he dies, we gather around to pay all respect while there 
  G                                D                         D
souls are still searchen for the light, searching for the light   
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