City Harvest Church - Here Is Love chords

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Here Is Love
Words & Music by David Yem

[|| A / / / | F#m / / / | C#m / / / | D / / / ||]

(verse 1)
[A]Down at the [F#m]cross I found my [C#m]way
You came and [D]met me
Forgiveness flowed down from a tree
In You I'm made clean

(verse 2)
Amazing grace that rescued me
Out of my sin
Restored redeemed, forever free
In You made Holy

(pre chorus)
[Bm]How could I say [E]thanks
To [Bm]You who gave us [E]all

[A]Here is Love poured out so freely [E]
Here is Love that captivated [Bm]all of me
At [F#m]Calvary[E] [A]
Here is Love Your arms wide open [E]
Here is Love
Your Mercy draws me [Bm]closer
To [F#m]You my [E]Lord

(verse 3)
The prince of Peace our ransom paid
A flood of Mercy
This life I live, my offering
Unto the King

[|| D / / / | Bm / / / | A/C# / / / | E / / / ||]

[D]The Cross I [Bm]see
That rugged [A/C#]tree
Tells of [E]Grace and Mercy [D]
Redemption's [Bm]blood all over me[A/C#]
Living [E]in Your beauty
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