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City Harvest Church - My World Is You chords

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Hey this is my first time giving chords so no making fun of me.
Anyway here's the song "My world is you". It's from the new Devotion CD. I feel  the lacking some of the City harvest Songs. Guess it hasn't updated or 
something but here Goes.

Anyway this is a beautiful song and I hope you guys enjoy this!

Intro: C#m, B, A x4

C#m                   E           A
 Hands that write the story of my life
I trust in you alone
Spirit be my guide

Dreams that died they come to life again
My future stands secure
In my father's hands

F#m        E             A
 I can't deny, a love so true
                            C#m         B
Breaks me down till I've got nothing to hide
F#m      E               A
 I can't deny the hope I feel
Forever Undivided you and I

E                   F#m           B
Because you gave I'm taken out of misery
C#m                   B               A           B
 Because You died I'm rescued from my sin and shame
G#m                       A                 B
 Because you've love I've found my heart to love again
            C#m     B      A     B
You've taken me and set me free

"Play the Intro as the song goes..."

Chorus x2
C#m, A, E, B x2 "For free worship"
Intro x5
Chorus x3
End of with Intro

               C#m B A
You've taken me
               C#m B A
and set me free
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