Clay Cook - Mountain Time chords

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G                      C (or Cadd9)
I came here for quiet, I stayed for the air
Em                     D7
Livin' in the city just don't compare
G                      Em
There aint no fightin', there aint no crime
C                   D              G
It feels so good to be on mountain time

            C     D             G
On mountain time, everything is better
    Em                                D
and mountain time don't feel that far behind
    C                    D         Em
And I'm pretty sure it's more than just the weather
    C               D     G
Oh Lord I'm glad to be on mountain time

I quit chasin' women, started chasin' sleep
Wake up each morning glad there's dirt under my feet
No need to worry, no need to rhyme
I'm a lucky son of a bitch on mountain time


(Bridge = verse chords)

Don't do nothin', don't even care
I've been meanin' to grow out my hair
No one callin' for my last thin dime
'Cause no one knows I'm here on mountain time
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