Clay Davidson - Unconditional chords

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      Am/g              G
    Daddy waited up
       Am/g               G
    In the kitchen by himself
         Am/g                           G             Em                C
    I came stumbling in that night with liquor on my breath
                 Am/g                     G
    He said son I know you live here
          Am/g               G
   But this is still my home
         Am/g                G
    Its my way or the highway
            Em                  C
    So I said alright Im gone

  Pre Chorus:
             F                                C                   G
    And before I slammed that door I said I hate you
         F                          C                D
    He just shook his head, and said ok

                         G              D        Em    G
    But you cant stop my love for you
              C                       G
    It will be here thats a given
          F                   C               G
    as long as I am living on this earth
        D                      Em    G
    know one thing is true.
          C                           G
    You could turn away forget me
       F                        Em             B           Em           G
    Curse my name but love will never let you go
               C        G         C                         D
    Son always know. My love is unconditonal

  Verse 2:
          Am/g        G
    Life is like  a circle
       Am/g                 G
    Slowly turning on itself
          Am/g                    G                    Em
    but girl it took losing you to finally know how bad it felt
        Am/g                 G
    We stood in this doorway
        Am/g        G
    A year ago today.
                  Am/g                   G                 Em
    Holding all the pride and anger as we though our love away

    Pre chorus:
                F                                   C                    G
    And before you slammed the door you said I hate you
             F                   C                           D
    but tonight if only you could hear me say.


                              C                G           F
         You could turn away forget me curse my name
                Em           B              Em            G         C
          but love will never let you go My love is unconditional.
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