Clear Conscience - Straight Line chords

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This is a great song by Clear Conscience and its pretty easy to play. I watched how it
was played in a live video so I'm certain this tab is near 100% correct. If you have a
boss phase shifter or any phaser pedal it sounds really nice for this song. Also a wah 
pedal adds nicely to this song as well.

Verse (this is played for every verse throughout the entire song reggae stylee down strokes)

    Dm  Dm  Dm  Dm      C  C  C  C      Ab  Ab  Ab  Ab     F   F   F   F

***The C chord throughout the song can also be played these two ways, pick which ever
sounds best
or is easiest for you***

    C             C
e---5---      e---x---|
B---5---      B---5---|
G---5---  or  G---5---|
D---5---      D---5---|
A---x---      A---x---|
E---x---      E---x---|

Chorus (this is played for every chorus throughout the entire song all down strokes,
listen for the timing)
(the X8 means the chord is played 8 times)

    Dm        C       Dm        C        Ab       C        Ab       F
G----7- X8 ---5- X8 ---7- X8 ---5- X8 ---7- X8 ---5- X8 ---7- X8 ---10---|

This is a little something something I like to throw in right after the single F chord
in the chorus to
transition back into the verse, feel free to use it if you like it, its just two chords
strummed once each

    F     C

That's the whole song right there. Let me know what you guys think of this. Also, if you
want any other tabs by Clear Conscience just let me know in the comments and I'll try
my best to tab out some other songs by them. Also feel free to let me know about any 
other reggae songs you want tabbed out. Remember to take it easy and let the reggae vibes flow
through your heart and soul. Peace and Love
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