Clifford T Ward - Home Thoughts From Abroad chords

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G                                    C
I could be a millionaire if I had the money
F                                     G
I could own a mansion, no I don't think I'd like that
But I might write a song that makes you laugh, now that would be funny
F                                             G
And you could tell your friends in England you'd like that
C                                  Em
But now I've chosen aeroplanes and boats to come between us
      C                                                            F   G 
And a line or two on paper wouldn't go amiss  
C                      Em
How is Worcestershire? Is it still the same between us?
       C                       G
Do you still use television to send you fast asleep?
        F                          C                 Em
Can you last another week? Does the cistern still leak?
Or have you found a man to mend it?
       Em             C               Em
Oh, and by the way, how's your broken heart?
     C                           F
Is that mended too? I miss you
Em      C                 G
I miss you, I really do. 
I've been reading Browning, Keats and William Wordsworth
F                                                       G
And they all seem to be saying the same thing for me
Well I like the words they use, and I like the way they use them
F                                             G
You know, Home Thoughts From Abroad is such a beautiful poem
C                                        Em
And I know how Robert Browning must have felt
C                               F                  G
'Cause I'm feeling the same way about you
C                               Em
Wondering what you're doing and if you need some help
 C                                            Em
Do I still occupy your mind? Am I being so unkind?
F                   G                            C
Do you find it very lonely, or have you found someone to laugh with?
             Em       C              G
Oh, and by the way, are you laughing now?
C               Em
'Cause I'm not, I miss you
       C             G          C         F        G
I miss you, I really do.
G   C    G
I really do. 

Here's a link to a youtube cover.

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