Clive Gregson And Christine Collister - This Is The Deal chords

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Capo: III
(Clive uses an open Bm7 shape mostly in this, like a B7 with the second finger 
taken off so the open D gives the minor third)

INTRO: Em  Cma7 - Em  Cma7  Bm7  G - Bm7  G - D  D(C)  D(B)  D(A) 

                 Am    D          Bm7                       Em7
Now this is the deal,     an iron will and nerves of steel
         Am                 D                   Bm7               Em7
A silver tongue, a sterling heart, a clear head when the trouble starts 
                  Am     D                Bm7              Em7
As love turns to fear        she flinches every time he's near
         Am            D                 G
The mystery is all too real, this is the deal

            Am     D              Bm7            Em7            
Here is the catch,    a man who's never met his match
            Am              D                 Bm7           Em7
Swears that might is always right, won't give up without a fight
                   Am      D             Bm7             Em7
Who can't hold his drink,      who never even tries to think
           Am              D                  G
The cellar door is off the latch, here is the catch

F             C             Cm           G   
 Punch bag or sleeping bag, is there any choice
Am                               D
She  must pay attention when she hears her master's voice
    F                   C                   Cm               G
And though the kids are sleeping with their fingers in their ears
      Am                                               D
They recognise their father laughing at their mother's tears

            Am      D               Bm7            Em7 
Between the blows,      a blackened eye, a bloody nose
         Am             D               Bm7            Em7
Tries to hold a shaking hand, tries her best to understand
            Am      D              Bm7                 Em7
Between the sheets      he makes demands she tries to meet
              Am           D                G
She turns the thorn into a rose between the blows


F          C              Cm         G
  No second honeymoon, no seven year itch
Am                                        D
Spends their anniversaries face down in a ditch
F                C            Cm           G  
 No birthday celebrations, no holiday each year
Am                                                  D
No ceasefire at Christmas when he drowns himself in beer

               Am    D           Bm7          Em7
So this is the deal,     another day another meal
        Am               D                   Bm7          Em7
Another night sat by the phone, it hurts her less to be alone
                Am     D                Bm7           Em7
Is this married life,      what does it take to be a wife?
        Am            D                  G
A butterfly tied to a wheel, this is the deal
        Am                 D                  G
An iron will and nerves of steel, this is the deal
          Am           D                  Em7
The mystery is all too real, this is the deal.

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