Clout - Substitute chords

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(1)Verse 1:

You've been waiting much too long now
It looks like she's not coming home
You've been loyal
True and faithful
D                         E
All this time with being alone.
   A                         E
If I could get that same dedication
     A                        E
I'd give you everything in creation
If she doesn't come back...

              E      A   B   A
I'll be your substitute
              E      A   B   A
Whenever you want me (oo-hoo)
                             E      A    B    A
Don't you know I'll be your substitute
               E      A    B    (don't play second A chord here)

Whenever you need me

(3) Verse 2: same chord progression as Verse 1

(4) Repeat chorus

(5) Middle Eight:
D                 A
Each day by your window you sit and sigh
E                  A
Hoping to see her face
         E               B
Oh, you might as well forget about her
     F#m     G#m     A        B7
And find someone to take her place

(If she doesn't come back...)

(6) Repeat chorus to fade

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