Code Red - This Is Our Song chords

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This is our song - code red
***i am not sure about how the bridge sounds, but everything else is right. if you want 
the original pitch, transpose one step down.***

d                       g
You're so beautiful, divine
d                       g
Everything 'bout you so fine
f#m                      bm
And with the love like yours
em                                   a
There is no pain in this world that I can't endure

d g                d g
So beautiful, so wonderful
f#m bm
And as we float on the floor
em a
I hear the music of love

d          a
This is our song
bm                                   f#m
This is the song we'll remember forever and ever
em                              d
It means to you what it means to me
em                           a
So from this moment on, we know
This is our song
Our song

d                 g
Anytime I feel alone
d                 g
I put on our favorite song
f#m                      bm
And like the music and words
We merge into one
And play on and on

d                 g  d           g
Love's so beautiful, unconditional
f#m                      bm
Can't find the words to explain
em                         a
This is our song and our song says it all



When my skies are grey
Make them clear again
em                     bm
When I'm weak you are strong
em                                f#m
I need to hear the sound, you need to hear the words
em                  a
This is how it all began

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