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Colbie Caillat - Battle tab

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Colbie Caillat
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Key: B

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: Drop D only
G#m -   666xxx
Ebm -   111xxx or x688xx
E -     222xxx or x799xx
B -     x244xx or 999xxx
F#/Bb - 898xxx or x143xx
F# -    444xxx
C#m -   x466xx

Chords used: if you want to use stadard EADGBe tuning
G#m -   466444
Ebm -   x68876
E -     022100 or 079997
B -     x24442 or 799877
F#/Bb - 698xxx or 143xxx
F# -    244322
C#m -   x46654

Intro: G#m-F#/Bb-E--G#m-Ebm-E--

Verse 1:
G#m           Ebm     E
  You thought we'd be fine
G#m         Ebm        E
  All these years gone by
G#m                       Ebm
  Now you're asking me to listen
Well then tell me about everything
G#m              Ebm    E   (hold)
  No lies, We're losing time

cause this is a battle
             F#         C#m
and its your final last call
it was a trial you
       F#         E
made a mistake we know
why aren't you sorry
               Ebm   E
why aren't you sorry why
this could get better
           F#/Bb E
used to be happy try

Interlude: G#m-Ebm-E--

Verse 2:
G#m               Ebm     E
  you've got them on your side
G#m             Ebm          E
  and they wont change their minds
G#m                    Ebm
  now its over and I'm feeling like
I missed out on everything
G#m                Ebm       E
  I just hope It's worth the fight

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: G#m-Ebm-E-- x4
Oh oh oh oh...

(Repeat Chorus and Interlude)

cause this is a battle
             Ebm        E(hold)
and its your final last call
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