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Coldplay - Miracle tab

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melody for v.1 intro: c d e c play 4 times and keep on playing for the first's something you can't get from the shop
 misterious but not secret not good but not evil
it's restless but not stopping weird like the bigginig of life
             c             f
Chorus:it's fire throwing 
 c           f
head bending 
 c         f
so amazing
never ending
c              Em
it's a miracle ooo x2
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v.2 Em
 g     g    g     g
whoao whoao whoao whoao
c             Em           Em
it's a miracle   a miracle
       Em        Em
miracle  miracle
g            g
so many things 
g               g
are happening now
g                 d
I'm having a good time
Chorus: x2

c              Em
it's a miracle
c              Em
it's a miracle
c              Em
it's a miracle
g                Em
and i'm enjoying it

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