Cole Porter - Anything Goes Medley chords

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This is more for personal use and for when the chorus I'm in uses this in later 
years. The sheet music says to ad.lib it based off the chords for the piano part 
so I'm going to try my best to recreate it.

[ch]F#dim7[/ch] G Am [ch]Bbdim7[/ch] G/B    C6
                       In Olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as 
                C7            F6      Fm6           C      G+   F6        
something shocking now heaven knows----    anything goes.   Good Authors who 
                           C    Eb6       Dm C7              F6     Fm6 
once knew better words now only use four letter words writing prose----- 
          C6                       E                     B9                  
Anything goes.  The World has gone mad today and good's bad today and black's
E7         B7                                Em                     A9
white today and day's night today, when most guys today that women prize 
               D9                G+ C6                    
today are just silly gigolos---. So though I'm not a great romancer I know
                     C7               C7                         B9
that you're bound to answer when I propose--- anything goes----


   Eb6   B7      Bb7         Eb6   B7            B7      Eb6     G6      
|:Ain't she sweet? See her coming down the street! Now I ask you very 
  Ain't she nice? Look her over   once or   twice! Now I ask you very
                F6   Bb7  Eb6
confidentially ain't she sweet? :|               Ab7          Eb6
confidentially ain't she nice?   Just cast an eye--- In her direction
   E        F7               Bb7     Bb+       Eb6 B7  Bb7          Eb7
Oh me! Oh my! Ain't that perfection?----       I Repeat, don't you think 

she's kind of neat? And I ask you very confidentially, ain't     she    

sweet?   Dm Ab7 G7


C6                  D7           G7            Cmaj7     C6           [ch]Ebdim7[/ch]
Ma---- He's making eyes at me-   Ma, He's awful nice to me-   Ma he's almost
  Dm7         G7       Dm7 G7     C         
breaking my heart. I'm beside him Mercy let his Conscience guide him! Ma, he
         D7             G7           C    
wants to marry me---    be my honey bee   Am7 Dm7 D7
Every minute he gets bolder, now I'm leaning on her shoulder
D7   G7              C            Ab7                    Eb7
Ma,--- He's kissing She's kissing me---- Ma, He's making eyes at me
              Dbmaj7  Db6                  Ab7
Ma, he's awful nice to me  Ma, He's almost breaking my heart  I'm beside 
    Db              Ab7                  Db6              Eb7      Ab7
him, mercy let his conscience guide him. Ma, He want's to marry me. Be my
   Db6 Bbm7 Eb7 Ab7 Db
Honey Bee.         Every minute he get's bolder, now I'm leaning on her 

Eb7 Ab7            Cb9 Dm [ch]Bb/Ab[/ch] G7   C6
Ma, He's kissing me   Ah------  And though I'm not a great romancer I know 
                                      C6    Bb9            C  [ch]C7/Bb[/ch]  A7
that you're bound to answer when I propose------- Anything Goes---------
            D7    G          F#dim7  G7               C6(slide to open)
Anything goes now-- Anything goes------ Anything goes
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