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Colin Hay - Wash It All Away tab

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Taken from the Transcendental Highway album.

If you're playing it on an acoustic you might want to use open chords instead of bar chords.

Standard tuning

Chords used:

A - 577655
E - X79997
D - X57775
F#m - X 9 11 11 10 9
B - 799877

A                 E
If my eyes, they see only blindness

    D                             A
And everyone has nothing much to say

If I ask for a little cup of kindness
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     D                              A
And people they all turn their heads away

F#m    E            D         A
If the pieces they won't fit together

F#m        E            D
Because there's one thing I just can't find

A                    E
I could wait for a change in the weather

D                            A        D
Or let the rain wash it all away

         A    E    A   D
Let the rain fall

And wash it all away

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